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Poster: Caitlin Olson Date: Apr 17, 2018 11:09am
Forum: news Subject: Slash Gear: Internet Archive’s Arcade now adding “hundreds” of new games

Emulated games from the otherwise-lost history of video games are coming to the Internet Archive. The original Internet Arcade project was started all the way back on August 6th of 2014, but only this year really blew up to its current size. In fact, the most massive portion of games in the archive now were just added this week – and will continue over the next few days!

The Internet Arcade is part of the Internet Archive, a collective of data that would otherwise be lost to time and space. The Internet Arcade emulates games that could otherwise only be run in computer consoles that have long since bit the dust – or are in hardware collector collections, covered in dust. Either way there’s dust involved.

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